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New book

Before the Secretary of the Interior: A Petition to Protect Yellowstone's Wild Bison
from Extinction

Over 1,000 bison were shot by the Montana Department of Livestock in 1997 as they crossed the border of Yellowstone National Park to escape severe winter conditions. This year they want to slaughter even more. This is the third petition submitted by James Horsley, now published in book form, to stop this atrocity. Purchase

Background of Yellowstone wild bison slaughter program.

Upcoming book

Genocide on the Great Plains

In 1868 the US government notified Plains Indian tribes that it was going to war against all hostile Indians and that those bands that were friendly should so signify their desire for peace by camping along the Washita River near present-day Cheyenne, Oklahoma. On November 27, 1868 Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custerís 7th U.S. Cavalry attacked that peaceful encampment, killing many, while the remaining tribes fled without provisions into the freezing cold. This is a record of that genocidal act, which crushed the Plains tribes.

See rough draft of Washita: Genocide on the Great Plains.